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Man charged in armed robbery

by Andrew Maciejewski - amaciejewski@h-ponline.com

A Huntington man, who claimed government agencies are watching him and implanted “quantum-tech” in his brain and screens in his eyes, was charged with armed robbery last week, according to police and court reports.

On March 10 around 3:30 p.m., officers responded to the 600 block of Leopold Street for a domestic disturbance in which a suspect was armed with a bat, according to police records.

Jace Allen Wallace, 32, appeared in court Monday for charges of armed robbery while armed with a deadly weapon, a Level 3 felony, battery with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 felony, domestic battery with a deadly weapon, a Level 6 felony, domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor, and interfering with reporting a crime, a Class A misdemeanor, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Police allege Jace hit his father, Robert Wallace, ten to 15 times with a claw hammer after Robert refused to give Jace opioids prescribed to Robert. Jace’s mother, Betty Wallace, told police Jace hurt her finger when Jace grabbed the phone out of her hand as she was calling police, according to police reports.

Robert was transported to Lutheran Hospital for treatment, but his condition was not released.

When police made contact with Jace, they say Jace did not comply with their commands, claiming he said, “You are one of them.” Jace reportedly said the police were at his house to kill him because they work for the NSA.

Jace claimed his parents were working for the CIA, NSA or military and that they were experimenting on him and torturing him by putting adrenaline in his sleeping pills and lacing his food with THC, according to the report. Police say he initially refused medical treatment because “the hospital personnel and medics were aliens and were in on the conspiracy against him.”

Betty reportedly told police that Jace has had “mental issues” his whole life but that it’s gotten worse within the past two years, after his girlfriend broke up with him and he stopped working for a video game company. She said the conspiracies started when his social media posts about the breakup and video game company were removed from the internet, according to the report.

Jace has spent three days at Parkview Behavioral Health where he returned in worse mental health, Betty says.

She also reportedly told police that Jace was prescribed opiates and that Jace has stolen medication from her and Robert, which prompted them to lock it up. She claims Jace unknowingly is addicted to pills and that he demands that they give him their medication, according to the police report.

Robert reportedly told police the incident stopped after he threw a pill bottle at Jace.

After reading Jace his Miranda rights, police asked him what day it was and who the president was, and police say he answered both questions correctly.

“I asked him if he has periods of clarity, and he interrupted me and said that it’s always clear,” Huntington Police Department officer Clayton Baker wrote in the report.

A professional from Parkview Behavioral Health “medically cleared” Jace before he was booked at the Huntington County Jail without incident.

Police seized two blood-stained hammers, a baseball bat, a pill bottle containing hydrocodone with red stains on it and an iron cross that Betty claims Jace was going to use against her, according to police reports.

Jace’s attorney did not reply to a request for comment as of deadline Tuesday.

Bond is set at $20,000 bail bondsman plus $40,000, 10 percent of which must be cash. Jace is scheduled to appear in Huntington County Circuit Court at 8 a.m. on April 1.