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Right To Life Honors Baby Born Near Christmas

By Jennifer Peryam - jperyam@h-ponline.com

The Patterson family had an extra special belated Christmas present delivered the day after the holiday.

Trulee Michelle Patterson was born at 10:36 p.m. Dec. 26 at Parkview Huntington Hospital weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces. She measured 20 inches long. Trulee’s mom and dad, Daniel, 33, and Alisa, 29, of Huntington, were thrilled at their daughter’s arrival. 

Pat Bickel, Huntington County Right To Life manager, on Friday presented the Patterson family with a gift box of gifts purchased by the community. In the box was a pig stuffed animal, floral onesies, burp cloths and shoes.

It is the organization’s 37th year providing gifts to the first baby born following Christmas.

The Pattersons have two other children, Peyton, 11, and Garrin, 3, who also were born at Parkview Huntington Hospital. Their grandmother is Mona Davis, also of Huntington.

“When I found out I was having a girl I was super excited. I couldn’t believe we were having a girl,” Alisa said.

She said her pregnancy was healthy. She was due Dec. 24, but the baby was born two days late.

“Since I was late, I was induced. It was a regular delivery,” Alisa said.

The family had their Christmas Dec. 25 at home. Alisa started packing to go to the hospital and went to the hospital around 1 a.m. on Dec. 26.

The family all went home Dec. 28 from the hospital.  Alisa said her daughter will have extra presents the day after Christmas because it is her birthday.

“We got her a Barbie for her birthday even though she won’t be able to play with it for years,” Alisa said.

The family lives on a farm so they already got her some cowgirl boots, too. The family raises grass fed beef cows, goats and chickens and produce their own meat and eggs. 

“I look forward to my daughter growing up around animals,” Alisa said. She also said she looks forward to teaching Trulee how to farm and be self sufficient.

Trulee’s father said he is glad to have a daughter in addition to his two sons.

“She has a sweet personality and likes to be held and cuddled,” Daniel said.

Trulee’s brothers said they are excited to have a new sister.

“I help feed her and change her diaper,” Garrin said.

Peyton said he likes that she is calm and that she was born near Christmas.