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Immigration rhetoric headed on dangerous path

A White House meeting on Sanctuary Cities devolved last week when President Donald Trump suggested some undocumented immigrants are “animals.” The president’s comments, of course, were in response to a question about MS-13, a violent gang with ori

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No, the end of credit card signatures is not good for consumers

by Michelle Singletary In hawking its iPhone X, Apple produced a pretty fly commercial. Fly as in stylish. Or, “totally lit,” as teens say. Apple’s “Fly Market” ad highlights how easy it is to pay with your face. Three seconds. That

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Your opinion is welcome here

The editorial page of a community newspaper should present strong opinion and say things that matter. It should be done with consistency, and it is our intention to do that daily. Today, we offer a reminder of the reasons why this page is the way it is. Some of our

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Prohibition has been lifted at last on sports wagering

by George Will Repeal of Prohibition in 1933 instantly reduced crime by reducing the number of criminalized activities, including some that millions of Americans considered victimless activities and none of the government’s business. Now, America is going to

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Happiness is quiche and a fine grammatical point

by Leo Morris I was spending a quiet day amusing myself with harmless diversions. I played a little guitar. I read a few chapters in a mystery novel. I watched part of an old movie on cable. I gave a Sunday newspaper the once-over. I studied my recipe for breakfast

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Remembering the fallen

Fifty-six years ago today, the late President John F. Kennedy declared May 15 Peace Officers Memorial Day, a day for civilians to honor and remember those officers who died in the line of duty. Fifty-three officers have been killed in the line of duty this year, ac

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