Faith. Family. Foresters. You could say that Steve Platt lived his life in that order. For nearly 75 years, Coach Platt saw the world around him not as a collection of events but as a series of opportunities. He set a standard for himself and those around him, and that standard was simple: “Use the God-given talents [you] have to their fullest ability.” He lived that very standard in every area of his life, and because of that dedication to excellence, he left this world a little better than he found it.

A Forester in spirit long before he became a Forester by graduation (1974), Coach Platt exemplified the characteristics that Foresters hold dear and passed them on to all his players. He lauded truth and honesty and couldn’t stomach complacency or inaction; he encouraged passions; he cared – completely; he understood the importance of the community of a team; he knew that sometimes the only way to make something happen was to get dirt on your hands and mud on your boots; and he focused his creativity on areas he knew he could change.