Dr. Matt Pflieger, Huntington County’s Public Health Officer, answers questions from the HCCSC school board during the meeting on May 24. Pflieger reminded board members that children are vulnerable to COVID-19. “We know kids are low-risk for COVID outcomes, but not no-risk for COVID outcomes – that is important to remember,” Pflieger said. “Kids were hospitalized, not as much as adults, but kids were hospitalized. Kids got long-haul COVID, which was significant.”

Students around the Huntington County Community School Corporation will no longer be required to wear masks beginning on June 1 following a resolution passed at Monday’s school board meeting.

In a unanimous vote, the HCCSC School Board approved the “mask-optional” policy. As the updated policy goes into effect on June 1, the changes will apply to this year’s summer school programs around the county. Superintendent Chad Daugherty said that the decision was made with the guidance and advice of the health department, including Huntington County Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Pflieger.