Sports Illustrated’s Fall Edition Tells the Remarkable Story of the Dougherty High School Football Team in Albany, Ga. – a Beacon for a Town Racked by COVID-19, Poverty, and Racial Inequality

Sports Illustrated’s Fall edition tells the remarkable story of the Dougherty High School football team in Albany, Ga.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 19, 2020--

Sports Illustrated’s Fall issue introduces readers to the Dougherty High School Trojans football team of Albany, Ga. – a group of teenagers struggling and surviving in the face of economic hardship, racial inequity and now the devastation of a deadly pandemic. This must-read, heart-wrenching story examines how high school football provides hope and builds community in a small American town that symbolizes the social, economic and medical challenges facing the entire country in 2020.

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