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The Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the United States made a public statement recently condemning the police-killing of another black man on the streets of our nation. We join all members of the Conference in mourning with the family and friends of George Floyd and with all who h…

We believe in the Constitution and limited government.

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and now more than ever it is important everyone knows how they are a vital part of child abuse prevention, and take an active role in keeping our children safe.

The Huntington County Department of Health, the Huntington County Commissioners and the City of Huntington want to express their deep gratitude to the people of Huntington County during this incredibly difficult period we are experiencing.

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You might think the average American should be entitled to know information that could save their life, their family’s lives or their neighbors’ lives.

These are interesting times we live in. News seems to change by the hour, and the message coming from the White House changes depending on what the polls say.